Tsurugi in Rain Fall



Sadie - Setsugekka gif request by abricotmyrtille

Anonymous Asked:I'm sorry but...how do I reblog directly from here? I can't understand how this theme works lol btw, your blog is a blessing, I love everything you post and make <3

Hi ~ 

It`s okay, I just figured it out myself too. When you put the “pointer” on a blog, a white thingy appears at the bottom of the article with a “reblog” option on it. I`m sorry, if it isn`t clear, please don`t hesitate to ask me again, english isn`t my mother tongue.

Thank you Anon ~ ♥ Your message made my day 

abricotmyrtille Asked:NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers.♡

I thought you were my friend, why did you do this to me ? Uh~ ;w; Let`s try to find 5 nice things about me; 

- I like to meet people even thou i`m too shy. So i`m glad when it happens.

- I like sports a lot. 

- I daydream, like, 24/7.

- I hate alcohol.

- I have a thing for the color pink.


What is music to you? ▬ The scream of my heart.

真緒 Mao (Sadie)

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